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My name is Rick. Hope you didn't come here expecting to find a site about making travel plans.  Instead I will be showing you some of the "worldly ventures" I have taken on.
   The name Turtlerunner was chosen because of my lifelong admiration for the common turtle. He is protected by a strong shell of armor. As in the fable he is not as fast as the rabbit but using his skill, cunning and determination he always ends up finishing first in the long run. I believe this is a good philosophy for an individual to live by.
   I enjoy many different activities especially hiking, metal detecting, and tracing my family tree. Here I am at the lake where I went to try my luck with gold panning in southern Ohio.  I was unsuccessful in finding genuine gold that day. Maybe the future will hold better findings.
    Welcome. Feel free to browse these pages. I will be adding more as I get free time.

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