Healing with Hydrogen Peroxide

   I became interested in this healing agent after looking at studies while researching a 2nd cousin Father Richard Willhelm. What he proclaimed makes a great deal of sense to me and keep in mind that I am not a Doctor! Hydrogen Peroxide may be a natural way to help cure ailments- "Gods own immune system". It is found in all living material. Our very own white blood cells naturally produce hydrogen peroxide to fight bacteria and infections. Peroxide is inexpensive and easy to manufacture so there is no incentive for the corporate pharmaceuticals to pursue this alternative.

***Warning: In referrring to Hydrogen Peroxide I am not referring to the Hydrogen Peroxide sold over the counter at stores. The bottle at the store is dangerously concentrated and has harmful stabilizers added. I am told that you can get healthy Hydrogen Peroxide online that doesn't have the stabilizers added. Father Willhelm advocated taking safe amounts of H.P. Internally.
   Hydrogen Peroxide is chemically known as H2O2. Basically it is a water molecule with ...
an extra atom of Oxygen attached.
   It is formed naturally when moisture mixes with Ozone in the atmosphere.
Remember that it is the Ozone layer that protects us from the harmful rays of the sun. Diluted Hydrogen Peroxide goes down to Earth in the form of rain, snow and ice. Its helps fruit and vegetable plants to grow better and it is found in the fruits and vegetables that we eat. Interestingly it is found in massive amounts in a mother’s milk called colostrum, and is transferred to the baby thereby boosting their immune system.
   H2O2 has been proven to naturally neutralize many forms of bacteria and in the past has been used to treat ailments such as Arthritis, Whooping Cough and Typhoid. Some even believe it could possibly cure some forms of Cancer. I strongly believe that this miracle substance has potential that we have yet to fully understand. 

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